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Simply Endo Life has been evolving from the beginning. Right now, I am in the process of cleaning up old posts and links. So for now, please excuse the dust!

-Mary Tice

About Me

Welcome to Simply Tice Life! I'm Mary Tice- wife, blogger, lover of a good bargain and Doctor Who, mom to too many animals and constantly looking to maintain balance in all areas of my life.

The hubby (Phil) and I at our wedding reception.
I work (almost) full-time for a small luxury real estate firm on Wrightsville Beach, I sell Avon and Linen World products, my husband and I sell collectible toys on eBay and our own creations on Etsy. I love to garden and hope to one day have a plot of land with a huge garden and lots of dogs. I'm learning the art of herbal healing in my spare time and hope to also have a healing garden as well one day. I'm a big geek, which brought me my hubby. Spiritually I tend to follow the Wheel of the Year and moon cycles. I say prayers daily and respect anyone's beliefs as long as they aren't harmful to others. My home isn't glamorous, but it's warm, cozy and full of pet hair no matter how often we clean. Leading the introvert life, we have made our home as comfortable as possible based on our needs. We have geeky collectibles next to Buddha statues and vintage cameras next to crystals.

Growing up I tried to fit into the image I thought people wanted to see in me. It wasn't until my late 20s that I realized I didn't have to fit into any image. I could study herbology and practice yoga while watching Star Trek and listening to AC/DC followed by Jack Johnson. No one really fits any one mold, so why should I be any different? As such, I now try to make sure I keep a happy balance in my life of all my loves- spiritual life, geek and fandom life, health and wellness life, work life, and of course home life! (And these are the main topics I cover on Simply Tice Life.) Hopefully I can help you find balance in your life as well!

Welcome and enjoy yourself!

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