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New Year, New You (With Less Endo Pain!)

New Year, New You (With Less Endo Pain!)

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So this year has already kicked off with a bang. Or should a I say, a grumble from falling a little off my dietary routine. I tried so hard to stay on plan and keep away from too much sugar, gluten and dairy but I failed. First it was a plate of homemade cookies that I couldn't let go to waste and from there it was a burger (or 3...), Chinese takeout, bagel chips, coffee, etc., etc. And my body has let me know in its own way that it is very displeased with me. Acne, bloating, hives, spotting, it's all come back, but fortunately it isn't as bad as it was a year ago and most of my bad moments happened after a flare, so the two didn't mix (much).

Getting my mind back in health mode is proving difficult. I had kicked most of my gluten cravings but indulging has brought back the desire for all things wheat. Drinking coffee again was wonderful, especially when shared with the hubby, but I know what continuing that habit will bring- inflammation, digestion cramps, loads of time in the bathroom. No thank you, Magical Drink of the Gods. I rather like my morning not spent in swollen pain or on the toilet. So now, the fun part. Cutting myself off again. While not quite back to square one, I am definitely resetting my body to a healthier state by planting a few seeds for healing...

For starters, no more forbidden foods or drinks. That's right. No more booze, no more gluten, no more lactose, no more refined sugar, no more coffee. (I am working on going fully dairy-free, but first I need to perfect nut cheese or find a decent store-bought replacement. Daiya is not kind to my taste buds or sense of smell.)

A huge reason for my health's 180 has been my dietary changes. I don't think of how I eat as a diet as a diet in the traditional sense ends. This is my new way of eating for life. Now yes, there will always be times when I am presented with a "cheat" and I will take it. After all, the occasional cocktail will not kill me, but overall this a dietary lifestyle. I need to focus more on keeping as true to my plan as possible.

You and I both owe it to ourselves to fuel our body with foods that heal, not inflame.

Second, move more. If you are into holistic healing (and I am assuming you are if you have wandered onto this site), read up on Qi. The belief that your blood can stagnate and cause issues is really interesting when you look at endometriosis. For example, prior to my cyst removal, I was covered in hives. These bad boys had no known cause at the time. But I did notice that if a limb became covered in hives, moving that limb immediately for at least 5 minutes would prompt the hives to clear faster. First my limb would tingle, the hives would increase briefly before dissipating. Afterward, my entire body would tingle but my skin would clear. Granted this was a brief clearing and within the hour, the hives would return. Now, are my hives endo related? I believe they were a symptom of too many toxins in my body. I still don't have a reason for them and it could be the endo or something else (possibly gluten as they will occasionally reappear with gluten ingestion, but I have to consume a fair amount). But they have cleared since I have began my healing process and had my cyst removed.

Now, back to endo talk and stagnate blood. The Qi/endometriosis link is simple. The belief is your blood is stagnate in your pelvic region and needs somewhere to go. It can't leave in the proper fashion (menstruation), so it forms adhesions, cysts and everything endo. Now, I will eventually share more information on Qi stagnation, its effect on endometriosis and studies done treating endometriosis with Traditional Chinese Medicine, but since most of my info is in books, for now here is a quick link on the Qi/Endo connection

Bottom line, I need to move more and if you have endo, you do too, even when it sucks to do so.

Third, time for proper rest! I am often guilty of trying to do too much. And it usually results in one thing- a flare up. For 2018, I am making an effort to properly rest. I owe it to myself to have a solid 7 hours of sleep a night. If I get tired during the day, I owe it to myself to nap or go to bed early.

Chronic illness is hard on any person. Regardless of your chronic condition, you need to let your body have time to rest, recover and heal. Don't let others decide how much you need to rest.

Listen to your body and rest when you need to.

Fourth, fall in love with my body again. I hope no one ever looks in the mirror and hates what they see, but I know we all have. In 2017, I lost roughly 20 pounds but a ton of inches. I went from a 18 to a 12 (and sometimes a 10). My weight is a very sensitive subject because even though I was previously trying to lose, once my goal shifted from losing to health, the pounds fell off but the comments started. Some say I look great, some say I look sick, and some have the balls to comment that I need to be careful or I will gain again. And almost everyone has a comment about how I "can't eat anything." Umm, I eat. I eat like a stoned mofo, I just eat healthy food. In fact, I had to start paying attention to what I ate because I realized without junk food, I wasn't eating enough! It's not healthy to regularly eat less than 800 calories a day, even if it is fresh veggies. So I bulked up my fat and protein content and gained a few pounds back temporarily and flipped the bird to anyone commenting on me being proud I gained a bit back because I was actually feeding my body. But I digress...

I wanted to start loving my body again. I HAD to start loving my body again. I have 4 scars from my surgery on my stomach. I thought I would never strip in the light for my hubby to see me ever again because they are so obvious.  I lost my breasts. I lost my booty. I lost the things that made me feel feminine. But I said "No more." Now I do squats in front of the mirror in the bathroom. And I am only in my birthday suit. That's right. I do naked squats and I don't care who knows it. I force myself to look, really look at my body. And you know what? I love it now. I love my curves, my tiny breasts, less than perky butt (but working on that one with the squats) and everything else. Even my scars are now part of my story and I embrace them. I once again see myself as the sexy woman my hubby sees when he looks at me.

So in 2018, I am going to focus on loving my body completely. And you should too.

Fifth, it's time to remove toxins from all areas where they lurk. What do I mean by that? Well, have you read the ingredients in your shampoo, makeup or body wash lately? Unless you are already doing the natural grooming product routine, you may be shocked to learn that gluten, yes gluten, is in some beauty and hygiene products, meaning you might not be eating it, but you may be absorbing it through the skin. (Side note, I just signed up as a presenter with Younique products because so many of their products are gluten-free.)*

Also, it's time to toss your toxin-filled tampons and pads. (Notice I said "toxin-filled" not "chemical-filled." Please do not confuse chemicals with toxins. Elements combine and create chemicals. Water is a chemical. Toxins are those bad chemical compounds like pesticides used to spray cotton that becomes your tampons.) I switched to a Diva cup back before my surgery, however since my surgery, my bits aren't much for things going inside them and to be honest, after reading about Qi and blood backflow, I don't even want anything that hinders the natural blood flow going out/down. So now I use reusable cloth pads. It took a bit to get used to and yeah, sometimes it is a little inconvenient. However, considering the one time I used a disposable pad after switching, I ended up with insane cramps and so I tossed the rest.

TL;DR - ditch your toxin-filled beauty and hygiene products for natural, health alternatives.

And finally sixth, I will reconnect with my inner self. I am part of an amazing group of local women who believe in plant-based medicine, natural healing, finding your inner goddess and connecting with Gaia/Mother Earth. We all come from different walks of life, some have health issues like me, others are 100% healthy. Some have kids, some of us never will. Etc., etc., One thing we all have in common is our desire to reconnect to ourselves. So this year, I will continue to focus on finding that bit of me that I lost growing up. I will care less about what the outside world things of me and my life and care more about what I think about my life. The only other person's opinion that matters is my husband's. As long as our life works for us, screw the rest of the world's opinions.

Additionally, this means not only letting go of what other's think, but finding ways to reconnect. I use journaling, drawing, meditation, and earthing to reconnect to myself and spirit. I speak to the universe and my ancestors regularly. I pray when I feel the need or desire. I smudge. I chant. I walk on the beach (even during this freezing cold). I garden. I find ways that make me feel whole on a soul-ular level. I remind myself that I was created from the same elements that make up the stars. 

I am magical. And so are you. So get out there and reconnect with yourself. 

So if you are ready for a change in 2018, start with these tips! And let me know how you are planting your own seeds for healing in the comments!

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