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Grilled Mushroom "Steak" Dinner for Two

Is it possible to create a healthy, meatless and budget-friendly dinner for two that doesn't taste like cardboard? Of course! You just need to know where to spend, where to save and how to add FLAVOR to your meal. So tonight's menu is simple - grilled mushroom "steaks" with sauteed greens and mashed potatoes. Pair it with a great dessert (fruit crumbles are my personal go-to) and you have yourself a meal fit for date night as well. Even better? This meal is also free of dairy, gluten, soy and refined sugar making it endo-friendly as well!

Before I start, clearly I stink at taking photos of food after I make it and before I eat it. I literally see the food done and dive in only to realize I don't have a single image after I am done. So all the photos are stock. Oops! Also, second side note, the mushroom steaks make a great meatless burger as is without a lot of extra work like most veggie patties.

Now, on to the good stuff....

Grilled Mushroom "Steak" Dinner for Two | Simply Endo Life

Grilled Mushroom "Steak" Dinner for Two

Grilled Mushroom "Steak" Ingredients
4 large portabella mushroom caps, cleaned with gills and steams removed
1 clove minced garlic
Coconut aminos (You can use soy sauce, gluten-free soy sauce or skip the vinegar as well and use worcestershire sauce, just looking to boost the meaty flavor)
Balsamic vinegar
Rosemary, fresh or dried
Thyme, fresh or dried
Olive Oil

Grilled Mushroom "Steak" Dinner for Two | Simply Endo Life
Sauteed Greens Ingredients
Fresh or Frozen greens of choice (I like dandelion greens, kale or mustard greens, but go with what you like.)
Crushed red pepper flake
1 clove minced garlic
Olive oil

Mashed Potato Ingredients
1 pound of washed potatoes (Go with whatever you like. I always go with big sacks of russet, gold or red potatoes as we eat a fair amount of tubers. If you aren't using gold/yellow or red potatoes and don't want a thick skin, peel first. But I'm lazy and never peel my potatoes, I just wash them well.)
Vegan buttery spread (Now I am not butter-free, so I use Kerrygold butter in my potatoes. Feel free to use the real stuff too if you wish!)

1. For the mushrooms, mix garlic, rosemary, thyme, coconut aminos, balsamic vinegar together and set aside. This lets the flavors start to blend.
2. Cut your potatoes into small, easy to work with cubes or slices. They should be fairly even in size so they cook even together. Toss in a big pot, top with water and add some salt. Bring to a boil on the stove and boil until cooked through and almost falling apart (20 minutes or so depending on your cube and pot sizes).
Grilled Mushroom "Steak" Dinner for Two | Simply Endo Life
3. Drain the potatoes and toss back into the pot and start mashing. (Now you can mash them any way you like but as someone without a masher and who tries not to dirty every dish when cooking, I just use a big wooden spoon and a lot of elbow grease.) Once they are mostly mashed, add in your buttery spread and keep mashing/stirring until smooth. Add in more buttery spread, salt and pepper to taste. Set aside and keep warm.
4. Heat up your grill pan or indoor grill press. (If you have an outdoor grill, you can use that instead, but alas I only have indoor options and cannot tell you how to grill on an open flame.)
5. While your grill is heating up, toss your mushroom caps GENTLY in your marinade and let them lightly absorb some of it (not too much though as your caps will get soggy). Brush your grill with olive oil, place your caps on the grill, gill side down and sprinkle with salt and pepper. These guys cook fast, so keep an eye on them. Flip them once to cook both sides. (If you don't want much juice, you can start gill side up as juices tend to accumulate inside the cap.)
6. (Now depending on your greens of choice, you may need to start these before the mushrooms, and possibly while the potatoes boil away. I like firm greens lightly sauteed, so mine cook up in minutes. But I am not you and you may like your greens to cook down a lot. Be your own judge here.)
7. Heat up a sauteed pan and add in your olive oil, garlic and red pepper flake. Cook for a moment before adding in your greens. Saute until your desired tenderness. Add salt and pepper to taste. (No, I do not add salt to my greens while cooking. Why? Because it makes them wilt up even more in the pan. But as all my recipes are more guides than rules, you do your domestic goddess thing your way.)
8. Plate up your yumminess for you and a loved one to share or eat it all yourself! Now the greens and mushrooms will reheat but will lose their remaining bite, so I suggest cooking only what you will eat in that meal. The potatoes however reheat beautifully, you just may want to add a splash of vegetable broth, water or melted buttery spread when reheating.

So there you have it. A simple, quick and filling meal that won't make your endometriosis flare up and is perfect for a date night at home any night of the week! Try it out and tell me how you liked it in the comments.

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