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-Mary Tice

Container Garden Love

During my lunch break today, I read the latest post from The Inspired Room about Melissa's container garden and true to her site's name, I was inspired to share pictures from my own container garden with everyone.

Growing your own food is a great feeling. Sure it stinks when something doesn't grow right, but the joy of picking your own tomatoes or herbs for dinner is well worth the hard work and occasional bad piece.

In fact because these guys were a bit younger when I took the photos, most of them ended up as part of last night's dinner/today's leftover lunch. How awesome is it to make a meal that might cost you $10 for $5 instead simply because you grew half of what you need?

I know I posted on Instagram about the joys of gardening and making food using the fruits of my labor (Bad pun? No. Great pun!), but it really is worth all the effort put in.

Whether you are saving money on ingredients, teaching your kids, significant other or even yourself how to grow something, or simply pulling weeds or watering the plants and enjoying the stress relief it provides, having a garden of any size should be on everyone's to-do list.

What do you have planted or what do you intend to grow? Tell me in the comments!


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