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Lunch Break Self-Care

In an ideal world, finding balance between work and personal life is easy, but I know I do not live in an ideal world. In fact, finding balance between work and home is very difficult if I let myself get out of sync. So in order to find balance in my life, I try to fit in a little self-care time during my lunch breaks. I don't always take a break since I bring my lunch most days, but when I do take a break, chances are it's because I need it! I may call my mom up for a quick bite, I may take a walk on the beach (perks of working at an oceanfront office), or I may just sit in my car reading. Whatever I do, I return to work feeling recharged. If you are feeling the need for a little work time self-care, try these tips and recharge over lunch!

Lunch Break Self-Care

Lunch Break Self-Care

    Lunch Break Self-Care
  • Pack a nutrient-dense lunch. No one likes eating fast food 5 days a week. It's a lie we all tell ourselves. Skip the drive-thru and instead pack yourself a nutritional lunch, full of healthy options to power you through the afternoon while skipping the afternoon slump.
  • Eat outside. Whether you go to a park, the beach, or simply sit on the back of your car, get a little vitamin D during your lunch.
  • Eat mindfully. Don't inhale your food in order to rush back to your desk. Pay attention to your meal. Chew slowly. 
  • Set your alarm. Setting your alarm clock for when you need to return to work allows you to fully focus on yourself during your break without watching the clock.
  • Do something. Take a walk, read, journal, meditate, learn a language, watch YouTube videos or attend a webinar and learn something new. Doing something just for yourself during your lunchtime can help you recharge and focus on the last half of the workday. 
It isn't always easy to find "me time" during the workday, but your lunch break is the perfect time to recharge your batteries, even if you only have 30 minutes.

What are your favorite ways to add a little self-care to your work day? Tell me in the comments!


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